Together we can.

Together we can.

Together we can.Together we can.Together we can.


For years, Denise Herbe of Fombell, Pa., has opened her home to cats and kittens in dire straits, turning none away. She gives them shelter (the run of her house, no cages), food and basic vet care while they await adoption. The Allie Foundation gifted her $100 in December 2019. 



Right before Giving Tuesday in November 2019, the pictures began appearing in Facebook newsfeeds: Devastating wildfires were killing or displacing koalas, kangaroos, flying foxes and a host of other animals caught in the blazes. The heartbreaking reports of their suffering would go on for months as hot, dry weather and drought fueled the fires and made water scarce.

Into this hell-on-earth came volunteers from an organization called the International Fund for Animal Welfare. They sought out the survivors and transported them to shelters and animal hospitals, where they received food, water and medical attention. They even came in with a koala-sniffing dog, named Bear.

Bear's estimated cost is $500 a day, the IFAW says. The Allie Foundation's Giving Tuesday project was to raise at least $500, which it pledged to match. With the generous help of Facebook friends of the foundation's sponsor company, Cat-in-the-bag LLC, the foundation was able to send $1,047 to the IFAW for its efforts in Australia.


"FosterCat, Inc. is all about saving lives. It's as simple as that. We are an all-volunteer non-profit organization dedicated to the proposition that all cats and kittens deserve safe, loving, permanent homes," the Pittsburgh cat rescue's web site says.

The Allie Foundation donated $100 in September 2019 to FosterCat's  bingo fundraiser. 

These beautiful cats have been given a chance to find forever, loving homes at Felius Cat Café.


Cat-cuddles and a cup of coffee – what could be better?!

At Felius Cat Café in Omaha, Nebraska, you do just that – order your coffee or tea then settle in for a half-hour or hour session to visit their free-roaming cats. Buy more time if you'd like! Session fees go toward helping these homeless cats of Omaha.

Should you decide to adopt a cat or two, all the better!

In April 2019, The Allie Foundation donated $1,000 to the café for help with a TNR program they were establishing. That program began in September 2019.


Wildfire Refugees Get Donation

 The North Valley Animal Disaster Group of Chico, Ca., received $2,350 for its efforts to help pets and livestock that became victims of the worst fire in California’s history – The Camp Fire. 

The fire started Nov. 8, 2018 and was finally contained on Nov. 25. It destroyed an entire town, Paradise, and eventually covered 153,336 acres. It killed 85 people. Three people were never found.

Caring for the animals lost during the massive blaze was a job for the NVADG, which established several shelters for pets and attempted to reunite them with their families. Volunteers for the organization covered the fire-ravaged areas in search of animals left behind, bringing food and water to them.

The Allie Foundation’s sponsor, Cat-in-the-bag Co., used its network of Facebook friends to raise money for the NVADG. The foundation matched up to $1,000 of what was raised, for the total of $2,350.

To learn more about the NVADG, go to


Chimpanzee Sanctuary Receives Donation

Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest, of Cle Elum, Wa., received $1,000 in January 2019  for its campaign to expand its chimp house.

The sanctuary has rescued seven chimps so far. They had spent decades in small cages in the basement of a biomedical laboratory in Pennsylvania, with no sun or stimulation as they were subjected to hepatitis vaccine experiments. They were bred to obtain more chimps for more experiments, and the babies were taken from their mothers when
they were just infants.  These elderly apes have lived at the sanctuary now  for 10 years.

“It has been 10 years of good food, good friends, essential medical care, space to explore, things to do, and a sense of security they never had before,”  said Diana Goodrich, sanctuary co-director.  The chimp house expansion, which is being done in three phases, includes more space for staff;  a vet clinic; space for more chimps; a separate playroom; and an indoor-outdoor greenhouse, Goodrich said.

Rebel, left, and Boots are two “foster fails” who now have a loving home thanks to Legacy Dog Rescue

Legacy Dog Rescue

Legacy Dog Rescue of Ohio has a network of volunteers who foster dogs in need in Youngstown and the surrounding area.

Boots, a puggle, became a Legacy dog on Christmas Eve 2017. His former owners had kept him tied to a pole in the basement, says foster mom Denise Dick of Youngstown.
She also fosters Rebel, a mastiff mix who was extremely thin when found on the streets in 2015, she said. 

Legacy has a spay-neuter program and offers some financial assistance to pet owners or other rescue organizations. They are funded through donations and events. The Allie Foundation sponsored their April 2018 fundraising banquet and raffle, with a $300 donation for the dessert table.

Prince, a dog rescued from the dog-meat trade in Asia, came to live on a ranch in California.

Soi Dog Works to Shut Down Dog Meat Farms!

Soi dog, an international charity based in Thai works to shut down dog meat farms, where the dogs are kept in deplorable conditions and denied vet care.

After being sold, they are crammed into cages and taken to be killed, where they are tortured first because of the belief that the torture will make the meat more tender.

Prince was hanged by his neck for hours before rescuers found him. Soi Dog found a loving home for him on a ranch in California.

The animals suffer horribly. But Soi Dog also is working to change hearts and minds about eating dog meat. They run a large shelter in Thailand, where dogs and also cats await adoption. They place their animals in homes throughout the world.  They are making a big difference in a heartbreaking atrocity.  

The Allie Foundation donated $1,000 to Soi Dog in January 2018.



The motto for this sanctuary in Egg Harbor City, N.J., is “soft landings for old souls.” The farm is home to cats and equines who are too old to likely be adopted.

The sanctuary applied for a grant in 2017 for a summer shelter for its cats to give them more room, and to let them be outdoors in three seasons.  The foundation awarded the farm $950 for the project. 



SCOOP, Inc., or Save Cats and Obliterate Overpopulation, Inc., was awarded $700  in 2017 after applying for a foundation grant.

 The group used the money to fund spaying and neutering for 10 cats through a program to help Cincinnati’s feral and stray cat population.

SCOOP also operates a sanctuary for special-needs cats. 

Jeanne Starmack, left, chairwoman of the Allie Foundation, gives a check for $100 to Denise Herbe of


Our First GIft!

 The foundation was established in 2015. Its first gift was $100 in 2016 to Herbe’s Kitties of Fombell, Pa.

Denise Herbe has opened her home to stray cats and kittens who get food, shelter and vet care. There are no cages at Denise’s home. Her cats are treated like family as they wait to be adopted. 

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